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The welfare state is being torn apart by Tory austerity. The NHS, benefits, the post, the fire service – nothing has been safe from their axe.

The Lib Dems have been the Tories’ coalition stooges. And all the main parties have fuelled the rise of UKIP by trying to pin the blame on migrants.

Labour, who should be standing up against all this, have failed again and again to do so. They have even joined in with attacking the poorest, instead of the real culprits: the rich and the bankers who blew up the economy.

That is why the Left Unity party exists. Founded in November 2013, Left Unity already has around 2,000 members and 50 branches across the country.

This is a new kind of party, with feminism, socialism, environmentalism and anti-racism at its heart. It’s a party that supports the campaigns and struggles of ordinary people, for public services, for equality, and for real democracy, and it is against all forms of discrimination.

We say no one should have to choose between heating and eating, no one should have to pay for their healthcare or education – and everyone should have a roof over their head. It’s that simple.

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