Left Unity

We believe there is such a thing as society and it should be compassionate, caring and support all of us to thrive. We are standing to say THAT there is an alternative. We are a party that opposes all the cuts, defends the rights of migrants and minorities, champions the liberation of women and fights to safeguard the environment for future generations.

We stand for:

  • A society that looks after everyone.
  • Taxing the 1%, raise corporation tax and end tax dodging.
  • Keeping our NHS public, our NHS is not for sale – no PFI.
  • Halt privatisation – renationalising railways and energy companies.
  • Nationalising the banks under democratic control – no more profiteering and business secrecy.
  • Ending stop and search – justice for victims of police violence
  • Freedom of movement for all, stop scapegoating migrants; defend the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.
  • A minimum wage of £10 an hour – abolish zero hour contracts, end the sanctions regime and scrap work capability assessments.
  • Building more social housing and impose rent controls on the private sector.

Stewart Weston for Bristol West

Stewart WestonLMembers of Bristol Left Unity have selected Stewart Weston to represent them in Bristol West constituency in the upcoming general election in May. Stewart is also endorsed and supported by the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Stewart, 56, is a community engagement practitioner working mainly in Bristol and the surrounding areas. He has been active in the socialist movements since the age of 8 when he first delivered political literature for his local councillor.

Stewart says: “We need representatives who will campaign for and defend our local services. The four ‘main’ parties have become a coalition for austerity, relentlessly attacking the services we all use. Their main interest is defending bankers, selling off public services and maintaining their own political elites that they seek to represent.”

Phil Pope for Easton

Phil-profileMembers of Bristol Left Unity have selected Phil Pope to represent them in Easton constituency in the upcoming locals elections in May.

Phil has lived in Bristol for many years and has been involved in lots of community campaigns. He joined Left Unity because he believes that communities should make decision on the issues that affect them.

Phil says: “I joined Left Unity because, although I believe a great deal can be achieved by campaigns, unions, and other organisations, having a unified political and electoral voice for the left is an important role that LU can take on. I want to get more involved with LU to help turn it into an organisation that can support branches and intervene effectively at a national level.”

People before profit

UK_left-Unity_poster_01We are standing to present the arguments that put working people and those dispossessed before the greed of corporate profit. The Labour Party, is an empty shell, concerned only with managing the greed driven capitalist economy, no longer a party prepared to change society. They will present us with a few crumbs , but they will not fight the cuts or stand up for working people, immigrants and those on benefits. All four corporately funded parties will continue to support the top 1% in our society who own as much wealth as the bottom 55% combined.

With wages stagnant or falling Left Unity believes that Britain needs a pay rise and we will work to promote a £10 an hour minimum wage.There has been a huge growth in zero hour contracts; these need to be abolished. Left Unity stands for contracts of employment that give workers security of employment, decent pay, holidays and safety in the workplace. We support the trade union movement and would repeal the anti-trade union laws brought in by Labour and Tory governments.

The housing shortage can only be reversed by a dedicated approach to meeting local housing need with a local housing solution. The argument is not ‘to rent or buy’ it’s having a roof over your head, a place to call home.

Left Unity presents a new way forward and a real alternative.

We should be inspired by the election of Syriza in Greece. The Greek people united to elect an anti-austerity government that is reversing the savage cuts in its economy and focuses blame on those responsible. It is likely that their example will shortly be followed in Spain. Left Unity seeks to join them by uniting the anti-austerity opposition here in the UK

Left Unity is standing to make the case that there is an alternative, a party that stands up for working people, for the poorest in our society.

We want your vote, we need your support to build the alternative – a progressive anti- austerity party:

Let’s unite for a new start for Bristol!

People before profit!

Left Unity will also be standing candidates in the Easton and other wards in the council elections.

Our team of candidates thanks you for your support.

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